CITR's Goals

The CITR goals are:

  • To develop and implement standards for reporting islet/beta cell transplants and their outcome.
  • To collect and compile data on all islet/beta cell transplants in human recipients performed in North America, as well as some European and Australian centers.
  • To increase the safety of islet/beta cell transplantation by distributing electronically the pertinent information of submitted serious adverse event reports to all participating clinical centers in a timely fashion.
  • To perform scientific analysis on islet/beta cell transplant data, with particular emphasis on:
    • Safety of islet/beta cell transplant product and procedure and protocol-regulated treatment products
    • Number of islet/beta cell transplants and retransplants performed, categorized by transplant institution, donor tissue source and handling, recipient category, transplant technique and site, and recipient treatment protocols
    • Efficacy of islet/beta cell transplants as defined by standardized outcome measures and as determined by donor factors, recipient demographics, donor-recipient matching, islet/beta cell processing and product characteristics, transplant technique and site, recipient treatment, and post-transplant events
  • To communicate comprehensive and current information on islet/beta cell transplantation to transplant institutions, the diabetes and general health care community, and the interested general public via the CITR web site (, publications, and presentations.
  • To stimulate prospective and retrospective studies on emerging issues of importance.


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